Treasure Today

Treasure each moment today…treasure today

I can hear you say – Why?

Because you can!


Have you ever watched a movie and wanted it to continue.

You didn’t want it to end…

Some stories are like that, end too quickly,

You seem to only get part of the story.


Yet, It is so easy to race through today.

Without taking a moment to contemplate…

What is and what are and who is

The important things in life.

You see,


I just found out a friend died today…

He had a fit alone and couldn’t breath.

He was 27 years young…

Studying to follow his dream.

Tragedy, can happen anytime, any place.

Yet it too can give us a moment

to pause

and to


and to


the important things in life…

Perhaps even to prioritize…

what is important…


Is it the dollar bills you have?

Is it the accumulation of items you have?

Is it the people who have enriched your life?

What is it for you…



Stop and

Take a moment…

To consider…

How are you today?

No, How are you really?

With no masks,

With no makeup,

With no one or nothing…

between you and your mirror…


Are you able to breathe?

Take a slow deep breath now,


because you can…


Feel the oxygen fill your lungs,

It’s been so long since you have done that, hasn’t it.

Did you notice how it almost burns in your chest.

to take a deep, deep breathe,

It’s ok,

Go on take another breath,

they are free today!

This time, when you breathe,

I want you to do something for me.

Think of 1 thing you are grateful for today…

Remember treasure each moment…

Because you can…

too soon…

you may not have the option,

too soon…

in a flash of a moment…

everything may change…

treasure today…

treasure this moment

treasure now…

treasure your life…

treasure your life experiences

treasure your lifetime journey

treasure your joy

treasure your laughter

treasure your heartache

treasure your pain

treasure your experiences

because they make up life.

because days like today seem to somehow help make the other days a little brighter.

They are the – (dash) between the 2 dates on your funeral.

born.. – died…

what you put into your dash

is what makes a difference

only you can make that difference.

Doing what you were created to do,

Empowers you to live you dream,

Live the Life You Love!

Till Next Time!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Change Your Story – Change Your Life

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