Live Your Daring Adventure but…

Have you ever experienced…Round About

Wanting to make a difference,
wanting to live on purpose.
Wanting to stop procrastinating.

Yet everything you did,
seemed to bring you back to the same place,
to the same space.

Back to where nothing seemed to change,
and you seemed to get held back by the same thing you!

You wasn’t wanting to change the whole world,
but you did want to make a difference.

You didn’t want to solve world peace,
but you did want to help someone else
have a little more quiet time in their life.

You didn’t want to fix all the worlds problems,
because you only have 2 hands, 2 feet and 1 mouth.
To fix that many problems you would need more then one person… you knew that, right.

You thought about what your mentor said…
you have so much to help the world.
Now that is big shoes to fill. (the world…not possible by yourself.)

Yet everything you tried,
you noticed you were coming back to the same place,
failure, or so you thought.
Nothing changed, but you…
then you started to realize…
maybe that was the whole idea.
Maybe if you can change you,
that will change your world.

It seems like forever,
you have had this childhood inspiration,
to help others in anyway you can.
Then maybe your mother introduced you to an amazing lady… who said,
“Life is a daring adventure or nothing”.

You thought about those words for a long time…
perhaps you wanted to live your life as a daring adventure…
because you didn’t want to live your life as nothing.
You wanted to make a difference,
You wanted to live on purpose.
You wanted to touch lives, change hearts, impact the world!

That didn’t stop You…
Then you discovered more about the person who wrote those words…
you see they wrote a movie about her.

Her name was Helen Keller, born normal just like you and me.
But at age 19 months suffered an illness which caused her to no longer see or hear. But that didn’t stop her.
Her first words were at age 7. But that didn’t stop her.
Her teacher taught her sign language.
She learned braille.
She was the first blind person to get a teaching degree in the United States.
She authored 12 books.
She spoke in many countries around the world.
And that didn’t stop her…

It may have got you thinking…
So what excuses do you have?
You can see,
You can hear,
You can write.
You can read,
You can learn things that you don’t know yet.
Like how to give a talk and learn skills you don’t know yet.
One thing I had learned the hard way…
Zero Changes Till I Change!
It all started, with you wanting to follow your dream.
Because you know when you follow your dream, you can make a difference!

When you follow your truth,
When you are congruent in your life.
When you are taking the time to listen to your heart.
When you are using your strengths and skills to help others.

So what excuses do you have?
Are you living your life is a daring adventure experience?

If Not That’s Ok! Now is the time to start…

because…Your Worth It!

Create a great day!

Annie Born
“Discover Your Story”
“Life is A Daring Adventure”  Today!