Empty box

How long do I have to feel this way?Empty Box

I feel like I live in a box… and it’s empty,
I’m always trying to fill it with something,
I’m trying to make it important,
I’m always trying to make it feel special… yet…

I wake up on a box,
I exercise in front of a box,
I get ready to go to work,
I create lunch in a lunch box.

I travel to work in a box
I work all day in a box,
I am watching a box all day at work,
I am talking or txting to clients or friends on a mini box

I come home in a box
I get a box dinner out of the frozen box
I watch a box when i get home.
I go to sleep on a box…boxes everywhere

And this is life?

This is living?

Do you ever wonder…when am I going to experience real living, loving and learning!

Life is a Daring Adventure!
It’s Your opportunity to make a difference,
It’s Your opportunity to touch hearts,
It’s Your opportunity to create your Life is  a Daring Adventure!

What you would do today if you knew you couldn’t fail?
What would you do? If there was no one from the past whispering in your ear?
What would you really want to do, if there was nothing holding you back?
What would you really do? If you couldn’t use any excuses?

Living your Life Is A Daring Adventure is about living your dream.Jetboat
It’s about doing what you know you should have always done.
Committing to what may seem impossible until…
Until when? Until… It’s done!

So you don’t have to live in a box anymore…

Till next time

Create a great day

Annie Born
Change Your Story – Change Your Life
Life Is A Daring Adventure



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