Change Your Story

The first person who changed their story and changed their lifeQuestion
Was a childhood mentor.

Let’s play a game…
Tell me when you know the persons name?

This person had a movie written about her?

At 19 months of age contracted an illness which left her not being able to see or hear.

She Never said her first word till 7 years of age

Was the first blind person to get a degree in the USA.

Authored 12 books.

Said this quote

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing”

If you said Helen Keller you would be right.
Here was a woman who changed her story and changed her life.
She is my childhood inspiration.
No excuses…

When ever you think of a excuse or reason why you are not living your life is a Daring Adventure.
Think about Helen Keller.
A woman who traveled around the world, sharing her messages.
Authored 12 books.

So what is your excuse you are not living your daring adventure…
It’s important for you to begin to change your story so you can begin to change your life.

I can hear you say, How do I change my story?
Great question, to begin to discover your story, is as easy as taking a Daring Adventure Quiz.

Create a great day!

Annie Born
Change Your Story – Change Your Life!
Remember – Life Is A Daring Adventure…