Who’s Living The Life?

Around Dinner…dining table

You are sitting with casual friends at dinner…

The conversation gets a little dull and one of your friends asks…

So “Who’s Living The Life?”

The dining table goes deathly quiet.

Not one person responds or answers the question.


You look around and everyone seems to have been sent into another universe.

Everyone seems to be unable to move, unable to speak, unable to respond…

Like they were hit by a Stop-Motion-Guns…and became Robots!

or is it they were transported into contemplation mode?

Where in that moment, everyone, considered the question…

Does 1 + 1 = 2

Does my past + my current life = “the life?”

It was an awesome question.

Even gets you thinking about it late into the night, when no one else is around.

Who often takes time to even ask this question and let alone consider it…

Yes you know you are in the presence of awesome friends,

When they get you thinking about the important things in life…

Let’s take a few moments now to contemplate this question…

So are you “Living The Life?”

To begin to answer this question…

There are a few things you need to consider…

We are often given this picture of “Living The Life” at a much younger age.

Or maybe this picture has changed from when you first thought about it to now.

When you were younger,

you may have thought of “Living The Life” as not going to school anymore!

Now you are older, you may think about “Living The Life” as not working anymore, being retired!

Or is “Living The Life” about being somewhere different, then where you are now?living life

Somewhere else?

Anywhere else?

Just not here?!

Wait a minute…

What if…

“Living The Life” was really about “Living the Real You”

Not living the lie,

“Living Your Truth”

Not being fake,


“Living Your Genuine Life”

Following your dreams,

“Living Your Original Work Of Art”

Not living someone else’s wishes!

Not living someone else’s schedule!

Not living someone else’s calendar!

Ok! So if you take a step back…

How does that really look like to you?

Take a moment now to consider…

What that looks like?

What that feels like?

What experiences you want to experience…

Understanding your current story…

Helps you begin to create your real story!

Love Life!

Till Next Time!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Change Your Story – Change Your Life


Take the Life Is A Daring Adventure Quiz
Take the Life Is A Daring Adventure Quiz








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Robot Mode


You are looking into the face of this robot…

You can hear the robot speaking in robot mode…

Hello, how are you today?
You naturally respond with…
Fine thanks how are you today?
Do you need any help with that the robot asks?
You almost automatically answer with, “no thank you, I’m fine.”

How many times a day do you have conversations with people just like that conversationlifesizeman.
You hear no emotion, you hear no attention, you hear no excitement, you hear no life.
You almost feel like you and the other person are in automatic mode.
Automatic mode is like Robot Mode where you, respond automatically to any given stimulus .

So what is the difference with automatic and robot modes?

Great question…With automatic mode you do the similar, you respond automatically the same as Robot Mode, just with Robot Mode you also have the robot voice. You can also sense, the brain is out of gear too, and  you get robot speak, and robot talk.

Like for example, I got some shopping, and instantly, I got robot talk.
The first time I realised, I wanted to live my life is a daring adventure.
But I was finding excuses, nothing seemed to be working out.
Every time I tried.

So I questioned the person, directly.
You sound like a robot.
He said, this isn’t my real job, (wait for it!)

money“I’m just doing it for the money.”

I realised, at that moment, before then, he wasn’t using any emotion. He was in true Robot Mode.

So when do you realise you are in Robot Mode?
When do you realise, you have disconnected your emotions to maybe get things done?
What do you do now?
How can you break out of Robot Mode?

Just take one step today,
Change your story – Change your life.
Recreate your life from the inside out.
Not according to anybody else s agenda, timetable or programming.

Ask yourself a question –
Do I want to be experiencing life right now?
Wake yourself up!
Shake yourself awake!

Because only you will understand this automatic and robotic mode.
And you will see it in people all around, now you are aware of it.
If you do, begin to live your daring adventure life.
Begin to experience with every fiber of your being, loving life!

Create a great day

Annie Born
Change Your Story – Change Your Life
Life Is A Daring Adventure


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