Been Busy?

Have you been so busy?,busy
You haven’t had time to stop and think…
You haven’t had time to think about the important things in life?

Does making a living, seem to stop you from living?
Or at least knowing where to go?
Do you sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life…
Hear your sub conscience scream out to you!

“Your not doing what your supposed to be doing!”
You say, So what am I supposed to be doing?
You get this same response again…

life is a daring adventure road

You know what you are supposed to be doing!
You hear your sub conscience say…
What you know in your heart you are supposed to be doing!

You say again as you have before…
“I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing?”
You hear, Yes, you do,
Stop and listen to me,

And if you really don’t know…
I will tell you, through your body…
Please listen to me!

Round About

I have been trying to help you find your passion.
I have been trying to support you in discovering your dream.
I have been trying to connect you with everything you have said you want to be!

So you stop, you contemplate…
Is it that thing you are deeply passionate about,
It is one thing that connects you, and only you can share from the heart

It is only you who can discover this?
Yes, this is not something a mentor can give you,
This is not something anybody else can tell you,

This is something only you can tell from your heart!
Sometimes people can give you clues,
To help you discover your passion, your dream, your purpose.

This ability is the natural gift that God, Universe, Cosmos,
Whomever you believe in, gave you at birth!
To impact the world, touch hearts, change the world.

When push comes to shove,
This is your life to live,
This is not your mentor’s,
This is not your partners,
This is not your parents,
This is not another s job!

This is your job to uncover,
to discover, to unearth,
to reveal, to find out,
This is your journey to discover your daring adventure.

Because you are worth it!
You are an incredible individual!
You are a unique person!
You are a phenomenal human!

How do I know, here’s what I noticed,
Because you are you and You Matter!
You are enough,
You are essential,
You are significant,
Because you are a genius!

I can hear you say, no, I’m not a genius!
My IQ is not genius level!
Well you are are genius in something!
Something you are very good at, that other people may not be.

Remember there are many ways to be a genius!
Discovering your genius is incredible!
Because you know, you have been given this as your gift to the world!
So shine!

Shine your gift to the world and make a difference today!

It’s time to limit being busy and start to live your daring adventure!
It’s time to live everything you were created to be!
It’s time to love your genius!

Till next time!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Change Your Story – Change Your Life!





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