robot being wound upYour Daring Adventure Story

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Have you ever experienced going shopping and you get to the checkout and the person behind the counter almost sounds like a robot and he/she  says…


And have you caught yourself responding almost automatically in robot speak…


No emotions are exchanged, then you pay for the items and the robot voice comes again, thank-you-have-a-nice-day, as they start ringing up the next persons items.

Sometimes it feels like we a living disconnected lives in automatic mode. Trouble is research shows, when we are shutting down our emotions to get the job done, also means, shutting down all our emotions.

The bad ones and the good ones –

Like Joy, Gratitude & Happiness…

We disconnect with who we are, just to get the job or project done.

Yet inside we are missing something, we just can’t put our finger on it.IMG_5715 (640x478)

Have you enjoyed going for a walk down the street,
All of a sudden you see 4 different birds singing and happy.

You welcome dogs & horses coming to say hello.
You enjoy  the newness of the freshly rained on earth, it’s so good to be alive!


Have you felt the frustration of wanting to help people,
make a difference, impact  the world, leave a legacy.
Yet each time you try there seems to beStop Sign
another roadblock comes and hits you off your balance.
Or for some reason you choose another  options….almost automatically?

It’s time to reconnect with the real you,
with your feelings,
experience the sensations of life and live your passion.

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